Odense University Hospital gets new solar park

OUH solcellepark

Odense University Hospital’s new solar park capacity is 4.85 MW, and the park covers an area of about 2.4 hectares. It is expected that the Odense Universities solar plant, will produce around 4,500 MWh per year. This corresponds to the energy consumption, of almost 900 Danish households.

In the summertime, the production from Odense Universities solar plant will account for about 45% of the daily electricity consumption at the New OUH – on an annual basis, the contribution from the solar cells will be 20% on average.

Region Syddanmark solcellepark

NEWS OUH facts

The new OUH is the Region of Southern Denmark’s new university hospital, which will replace the existing Odense University Hospital.
It will be Denmark’s largest newly built hospital and will be built south of Odense and is expected to be completed in 2022.
The finished solar park can be seen in the picture to the right (see red marking).

Ground area: 800,000 m2
Gross floor area: 260,000 m2
Total number of beds 837
Total construction costs: DKK 7.9 billion DKK (current prices)

Green energy for construction

It is unusual for photovoltaic systems to supply electricity to construction sites. But in the Case of Odense University Hospital solar plant, it makes sense for the photovoltaic system to supply green electricity to the building during the long construction period. The electricity consumption during construction is very extensive and the Region of Southern Denmark has wanted the construction process of the Odense Universities new plant to be as green as possible. By being ready now, the construction flow for cranes, etc. the next two years come from the solar park.

The best solution!

The new renewable energy requirements in building the class 2020 project from the project organization for the new Odense University Hospital, have after several calculations and simulations assessed that solar cells are the best solution in relation to profitability and limitation of CO2 emissions.
It takes approx. two years for a photovoltaic system to be CO2 neutral. Ie. that the amount of CO2, that has been used to produce the plant is saved after two years of solar energy production.