Project Description

Hybrid system with battery

With a hybrid system, you have the option of storing your surplus power from the photovoltaic system. We scale the battery system according to the solar cell system and calculate the financial savings for your particular system.

Flow battery from visblue
Green energy without economic compromise



Possible to store surplus power

Instead of sending surplus power to the grid at a very low rate, you can store your solar power and use it at all hours of the day. With battery storage, you can store almost all excess power and thus minimize your electricity costs.

Flexible solution

A solution for any size or type of photovoltaic system

Solar cell battery

A hybrid system is a term for a photovoltaic system with connected battery storage.

Solar cell parking

Your carport is an obvious place to set up a photovoltaic system.

Solar cell Field system

A terrestrial photovoltaic system covers everything from small private plants in the backyard to huge field plants.

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