Project Description

Roof-mounted photovoltaic systems have, among other things, the advantage that they can be mounted so that they are angled as best as possible to the sun’s orbit, and thus provide the optimal effect.

We have our designers, statics, and fitters with years of experience in solar cell installation and roof construction industry.
Our engineers and technicians focus a lot on optimization and how the visual expression is on the individual plant. A photovoltaic system must both produce optimally and be a pleasure to watch.


Solar cell systems for all roof types

We have installed solar cells on almost all roof types, for example:

  • Eternit

  • Flat roofs with ballast solutions

  • Roof cladding with adhesive solutions

  • Steelplate

  • Brick

Flexible solutions

A solution for any size or type of photovoltaic system

Solar-powered batteries

A hybrid system is a term for a photovoltaic system with connected battery storage.

Solar-powered carport

Your carport is an obvious place to establish a photovoltaic system.

Solar cell Field system

A terrestrial photovoltaic system covers everything from small private plants in the backyard to huge field plants.

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