Project Description

Ground-based plant

Ground-based photovoltaic systems are everything from small field facilities for agriculture and business, to large field facilities, such as Odense University Hospital’s (OUH) field system.

Solar Nordic provides terrestrial solar cell solutions and field facilities for commercial properties, agriculture and industry. A ground-based photovoltaic system is an obvious solution if there is no suitable roof to mount solar cells on. In many cases, this may be because the roof is simply not large enough to achieve the desired energy production, but then there are fortunately soil-based fields or grazing areas.


SOLAR CELL PARKS – Solar park with economies of scale

There are many benefits to choosing terrestrial photovoltaic systems, including:

Solar parks can be scaled in size, based on the desired energy production. We have experience in designing and constructing some of the Nordic region’s largest solar parks for field facilities. Ground-based photovoltaic systems are cheap to build and can be set up almost where they are needed. The payback period on terrestrial photovoltaic systems is as low as 5-7 years.

We set up the solar cells optimally according to the sun’s orbit, and with a slope that provides the best performance. As there is also better ventilation behind solar cell modules on the field facilities, in the vast majority of cases there will also be a slightly higher production of electricity for the individual panel.

    Flexible solution

    A solution for any size or type of photovoltaic system

    Solar Cell Battery

    A hybrid system is a term for a photovoltaic system with connected battery storage.

    Solar cell parking

    Your carport is an obvious place to set up a photovoltaic system.

    Solar cell Field facilities

    A terrestrial photovoltaic system covers everything from small private plants in the backyard to huge field facilities.

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