Project Description

Parking facilities with solar panels

Facilities for parking and carports are obvious places to establish photovoltaic systems. It is possible to integrate solar cells in the roof and parking construction and adapt to your specific needs. This applies to whether you want to use the energy exclusively for industry, business, or, resell it.

Parking with solar cells as roof
Parking facilities with integrated solar cells make really good sense! Why not use the parking area in your company or customer parking, to capture solar energy and at the same time generate financial income. All while your company profile becomes green and climate-friendly.


Carport facilities

We are responsible for the entire process, from first thought over planning and setup to annual service visits.

Another benefit of utilizing solar panels in parking facilities is that you can charge your electric car or your bike. As this is a more complex installation we will, for smaller solar parking facilities and solar carports set it up for you. You also have the option of setting up it all, or partially, yourself. We can deliver a complete package – ready to assemble and set up. With detailed assembly and assembly instructions – and if you need help along the way, we are ready to assist you.

    Flexible solution

    A solution for any size or type of photovoltaic system

    Solar cell battery

    A hybrid system is a term for a photovoltaic system with connected battery storage.

    Solar cell parking facilites

    Your carport or parking facilities is an obvious place to establish a photovoltaic system.

    Solar cell field system

    A terrestrial photovoltaic system covers everything from small private plants in the backyard to huge field plants.

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