Services – Solar cell EPC solutions

For our services, we focus on the design, delivery and construction of major photovoltaic systems in rural areas and on roof areas.

We focus on these services based on the contractor model EPC, which allows the client to gather the work process in one contractor.

EPC stands for: Engineering, Procurement, and Construction, which, for Solar Nordic, means that we as an energy contractor manage the entire work process. This optimizes the work process both financially and concerning adhering to schedules and delivery times.

At the same time, we ensure that the profitability calculations for the photovoltaic system comply with both in terms of the plant’s operational performance capacity and earnings. Furthermore, there can be unforeseen expenses that otherwise occur when interacting with several contractors and companies. Shortly said; we deliver what is agreed, on time, which gives the best quality, at the best price, on your sustainable photovoltaic system.

Services – Quality and Purchasing

Solar Procurement – At Solar Nordic, we collect the best solar cell components from the best suppliers in the industry, for your plant. This also enable us to give you the best possible service. 

We have years of experience with what works best, how the individual components play optimally together, and where they are purchased at the best prices. This means that your system will function optimally and at the optimal price. At the same time, we make sure that everything is compatible and that it is delivered at the right time in the processes as well as optimal serivce. In other words; you get the best quality for the price!


Engineering, Consulting and Design

Solar Engineering – How does the process of designing a large-scale photovoltaic system start?

When providing service or beginning a project, we start a solar cell project by scaling the plant according to the desired electricity consumption and profitability. Our engineers are specialists in renewable energy solutions, and we thereby ensure that the photovoltaic system is dimensioned correctly according to the current conditions on buildings and land areas. At the same time, the components and suppliers are already being taken into account.

Solar Construction – Solar Nordic’s installation team has the know-how and extensive experience with setting up and installing larger photovoltaic systems.

We put together the crew based on the construction of the individual photovoltaic system in order to provide the best service possible. The team is structured so that the work and service is carried out correctly, and it follows the current legislation and regulations. This allows us to draw up a realistic timetable that takes into account some (often) unforeseen challenges.

Monitoring and maintenance

Solar Nordic usually supplies the photovoltaic system with a customized monitoring system.

Solar Nordic regularly supplies the solar cell system with a customized monitoring system that can be easily accessed from a PC or the App. It is also possible to purchase a service scheme for the photovoltaic system, where Solar Nordic carries out periodic monitoring and technical inspections. In this connection, it is also possible to purchase the cleaning of the system, as it makes sense to do this when a technical review is made.