Solar cell systems popular with farmers!

Many farmers invest in solar cells to ensure a stable and cyclical return.

A new and long-term “crop” is gaining ground among Danish farmers.

In particular, the so-called “arable land” has become a popular “crop” that can ensure a stable income for many years to come.

Spot prices for electricity currently fluctuate. About 20 øre / kWh but if it’s possible to use the electricity when it’s produced, the investment perspective for solar cells is very good. This is because most would pay 60-70 øre / kWh.
Thereby the best economy is achieved is by those who invest in their photovoltaic system. Either a roof system or a field system is optimal where the majority of the electricity produced. They can typically achieve over 10% in annual returns, and a payback period of fewer than ten years. After which the electricity produced is almost free for the next 15-20 years.

Solar Nordic provides solar cell solutions for all types of agriculture.

Solceller landmænd