Our philosophy

Our vision is to make as many people as possible – both housing associations, companies, and public institutions – independent of polluting electricity to the extent possible. For the benefit of themselves, their finances, and the environment

We at Solar Nordic have done this by delivering quality photovoltaic systems, that are adapted to the individual customer and reliable with little or no need for maintenance. Solar Nordic will furthermore provide all services to delivered photovoltaic systems in the warranty period.
We are responsible for the entire process – from the first thought of investing in a photovoltaic system to a fully assembled system in full operation – as well as the ongoing monitoring and maintenance.

Solar Nordic - Solar park


Use the energy that is already there
We call it Green Energy without financial compromise!

Our experience – your safety

Solar Nordic – Your total supplier of solar cell solutions of all kinds

At Solar Nordic, we believe that renewable energy and solar energy, in particular, is an important part of a greener and more environmentally friendly future.

Solar Nordic’s solutions make it possible for solar cells to be accessible to everyone. Whether it is, housing associations, agriculture, the public, or the private business sector. Solar Nordic’s solutions are always of the highest quality, and we try to deliver the most energy for the customer to the lowest price possible.

We at Solar Nordic provide a total solution with everything from consulting, calculations, planning, installation, and operation. Regardless of the size and type of plant. Always with a focus on the individual customer’s needs and wishes, and with high standards in both work and materials.

We give the customer a full overview of the entire process, and when the turnkey plant is ready, it is possible to monitor from both computer and smartphone how much profit the solar cells deliver.